Sunday, August 7, 2011

shaved ice with red bean paste (팥빙수)

If I had to choose just one food item from all my cravings from Korea, I would say it is Shave iced with red bean paste (팥빙수 [pat-bing-su]). This is basically made of four ingredients-shaved ice, condensed milk, red bean paste and sticky rice cake (떡[ddeuk]). I usually eat this three times a week, regardless of  the season. Yes, even on the snowy days. 
The place called "Mill-top" is the place that sells the best Patbingsu in Korea. It's unbelievable that they sell thousands of servings of Patbingsu every day. It used to be 1500 Won (ore even less), twenty years ago but now it is 7000 Won! The waiting line is long but be patient. It's worth the wait. There is a number machine (just like the one you would see in a butcher shop) which tells your waiting line number. I experienced more than 200 waitings ahead of me this summer, but I didn't give up. Their service is quick. Once you get a seat, it only takes a couple of minutes to have the Patbingsu. The only problem is when you are done eating, you need to leave soon. Otherwise, the people who are waiting will look at you with a really nasty look. The service is good there. The owner is a generous person. Most people take advantage of her, asking for extra red bean paste (which is free) when they order. Then a little later, they would ask for extra shaved ice and extra sticky rice cake(which are also free). 


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