Monday, July 4, 2011

Koreanized pasta

I was happy to eat some Koreanized pastas
-hot pot style (Jjigae 찌게)- in Seoul. 
They are  somewhat soupy, spicy and very very hot. 
Seafood pasta (Frutti di mare)
Paella. I was satisfied to find rice crust on the bottom.
Noo-roongy-pasta in a hot earthenware has sizzling rice crust on the bottom. The rice crust has nicely browned and developed a chewy, crunch texture. The pasta is brothy, almost like noodle soup. 
Very interesting! 

What I love the most about Korean pastas is that al-dente is a default setting. It is so hard to find melt-in-your-mouth pasta here. Instant Ra-myun (ramen) is the number one comfort and convenient food in Korea.  Everybody naturally conditioned their al-dente palate for noodles. Of course you can find more authentic pastas too.


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