Friday, June 24, 2011

food court in Seoul

I've been to a food court in Hyundai department store which is in walking distance from my house this afternoon. Most of the big supermarkets and shopping malls have food courts in Korea. The food courts in Seoul is  phenomenal! The selections are huge and trendy! I love to look around the show cases of patisseries and boulangeries. If you are lucky, you could do full course sampling, from Bulgoki to Ddeuk and some freshly baked goods.

I am addicted to these bagel these days. They make small batches of bagels all day long. These bagels are so soft and extra chewy at the same time. The one I love is small, bite-sized bagel which has gooey cheddar cheese filling inside. Yum!

 Thank god! The macarons didn't disappoint me. 
 I was impressed to see truffle, foie gras and gorgonzola! I tasted yuzu flavor but I'll try foie gras next time.
This is just a small fraction of the show cases.....


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