Wednesday, June 22, 2011

things I love in Korea

I have been to a local supermarket ( not the traditional kind, which is even more fun) near my parents house in Seoul. I am always amazed to see refrigerator section here. The picture below shows "Just" Tofu section. We can find whole varieties of tofus, for any kinds of cooking or even fresh warm tofu if you are lucky. It is such a staple ingredient on Korean table that I can't think of any refrigerators without a couple of tofu boxes. 

Another scene which always catches my eyes is the sea food section. This little corner below is daily selection for "sea food hot pot"(Hae-mul-tang).  We can choose some fresh ingredients from sea depends on your mood. 
It was such a pity that I was lost in tasting food here and there at tasting stand that I wasn't able t take more pictures. I ended up impulse grocery shopping again.


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