Sunday, March 27, 2011

tofu salad with radish and sprouts

Tofu making is my recent passion. Some people might say it is not worthy to spend so much time just to eat a block of tofu but I found it very pleasant, even therapeutic. 
freshly made warm tofu is delicate and fragile
I just don't want to disturb its purity
tofu is subtly sweet,
smokiness of bonito flakes add a new demention to it

1 block salad quality tofu
3 radishes/paper-thinly sliced
a handful micro greens or any kinds of sprouts you like
1 tsp freshly ground sesame seeds
2-3 Tbsp ponzu dressing (store bought one is fine)
a touch of sesame oil
a half handful bonito flakes
good quality sea salt

Mix ponzu dressing with sesame oil. Spoon or cut tofu to smaller portions on a serving plate. Layer with the sprouts, radish slices and drizzle with ponzu sauce mixture. Lightly season with sea salt. Top the salad with bonito flakes and sesame seeds.


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