Friday, June 24, 2011

supermarkets in Seoul

 sun dried fish
freshly baked walnut pans, which doesn't necessarily taste like walnut
I like the one with sunny-side-up egg in the middle
a common scene of supermarket in Seoul, very clean and organized
 these yeasty breads are fantastic, have bean paste filling inside
 one of the tasting tables-roated and caramelized duck breasts, yum!
a showcase of traditional Korean banchan-Jeon
even high end chocolates from Switzerland, fantastic!

I feel supermarkets are more interactive in Korea. Rather than following numbers of aisles, you see lots of islands and show cases where you will be more engaged with the vendors and hand-on experiences. It is absolutely proper to ask to taste foods before buying and the vendors will be happily explain about what they are selling. What I love the most about the supermarkets here is that we can easily find artisanal foods and local specialties. Most of the produces are very seasonal and local, which isn't that much surprising to think Korea is a small country. 


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