Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seol-lung-tang (설렁탕)

I had dinner at Duh-keun-jib ( means "bigger house"), yes, the place was huge and busy too. The major dish there is Seol-lung-tang. It is a basically boiling hot soup made with all sorts of beef products, including bones and ox tails. It is boiled many hours to reach a milky and rich consistency. Seol-lung-tang is served with some meat and noodles (somen type) in the soup with some condiments-such as chili paste, sea salt, black pepper, and chopped scallions. Kak-tu-gi, a type of Kimchi made with Korean radish (Moo), is a must when eating Seol-lung-tang. Most places that have Seo-lung-tang on their menu usually have their own secret recipes to make Kak-tu-gi, handed down for generation by generation. 

 ox-tail, which was used to make soup(I think),  is cooked again on a thick stone grill pan with lots of vegetables. 
 rice is cooked and serve on a thick stone pot too. I enjoyed the dried date on top.
Seol-lung-tang is definitely a comfort food, even in summer time....


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