Monday, March 14, 2011

home-made Tofu

I grew up eating tofu from the street vendors in Korea. It was warm, pure and fragrant. Now, even in Korea, it's getting rare and rarer to find freshly made tofu. Although we can get a lot of varieties of good tofus in supermarkets, but not like freshly made kind. It doesn't have soul....
as always, my first attempt was lucky
the tofu was soft, creamy and fragrant

I started from scratch-making soy milk from dried soy beans
just couldn't wait to drink a glass of hot soy milk
freshly out of the pot
all I needed was a pinch of nice sea salt

weighting down coagulated soy milk to make a block of tofu
I used light weight this time to make soft tofu

I saved some soy milk to make Soondooboo
(free formed silken tofu)
purest salad for the purist
mache and silken tofu salad with yuzu dressing

Bee-jee (aka Okara)
very yummy byproduct of tofu making process
I made some Bee-jee hot pot
for dinner tonight


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