Friday, February 18, 2011

smoked soy sauce

I have fell in love with smoked soy sauce. I became so curious when I read about this on Naoko's blog that I had to give it a try. The result was AWESOME! When I first opened the smoker, I was surprised by its strong and bold aroma. And secondly I was surprised once again to find out its subtleness when it was actually used in dishes.

The recipe is adapted from Naoko's blog
soy sauce

Put some soy sauce in a heat resistant container. Smoke the soy sauce sauce for 30 minutes according to your smoking method. You can improvise your wok to a smoker. : Line your wok with tin foil. Put some smoking chips on the bottom, then put a wire rack on top. Smoke the soy sauce with the lid (also tin foiled) tightly closed. I recommend to do it outside.

Check Naoko's bog (Mrs. Donabe's rustic Japanese kitchen) for more details.


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